Secure, Non-Custodial Staking Of Your $AUDIO Tokens
We support the network more than anyone else: we run the most nodes, and have the highest personal stake.

Others run far fewer nodes, which means they have lower costs than us. And yet they charge higher commissions.

So why do others have 50x more $AUDIO delegated? Because they've been around longer. But now there's Cultur3.

Support the network. Stake with Cultur3.
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Staking Instructions
Stake your $AUDIO tokens by following these 6 steps:
Click on the button below to open Cultur3 Stake’s service operator page on the Audius Protocol Dashboard
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Connect your MetaMask wallet in the top-right corner
Click on the purple ‘Delegate’ button
Enter the number of $AUDIO tokens you wish to delegate to us
Confirm the transaction with MetaMask
Confirm two transactions in MetaMask:

1. The first pop-up is a transaction confirming the amount of $AUDIO you want to allow Cultur3 Stake to stake for you.

2. The second pop-up is a transaction actually staking your $AUDIO through Cultur3 Stake’s nodes.

Pro tip: Transactions fees can be very high or very low. Check at which time of day Ethereum’s gas fee is lowest to reduce the cost of delegating your stake to us.
Optimise Transaction Fees
Need help delegating your $AUDIO tokens?
Ask us anything. Hit the chat icon in the lower right corner of this page. We answer within hours.
Coming Soon
Tax Vault for Staking
Separate your taxable staking rewards from the staking rewards you can spend and keep, worry-free. Our tax vault makes it easy. Set it once and forget about it.
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Why Stake With Cultur3 Stake?
We make delegating your $AUDIO tokens easy. Follow our visual step-by-step instructions above.
Security & Uptime
We’re always on. We stake your $AUDIO tokens securely on our servers in Germany with 99.99% uptime.
Lowest Commission
We only collect a 5% commission on your staking rewards - the lowest commission among professional Audius node operators. Compare for yourself.
No Slashing History
Cultur3 Stake has never been slashed before. We’re reliable, we’re consistent. Our only worry is keeping you worry-free.
Live Chat Support
Got any questions or concerns? We strive for 24/7 availability. We’re here to support you—and the Audius network.
Skin In The Game
We put our money where our mouth is. We self-delegate over 3M $AUDIO tokens to our own nodes.
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Contact us to learn more about how Cultur3 Stake can support your investment needs.
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